מתקן משחק בוגולוג

Bogolog Game

Kids today are enthralled with their smart phones, which does nothing for their physical health or their waistlines.
So why not make physical exercise an integral part of playing with their phone app?!

BOGOLOG brings technology into the playground with a phone app that’s:

Exciting – Adds an extra dimension to physical play
Simple –Used with standard pole, Play on Sand, Grass, or Concrete
Practical –Keeps score for one or multiple players
Instructive – Coaches to improve your game
Versatile – Speaks to other devices to display all activity parameters
Interactive – Connects remote players for interactive, competitive play

BOGOLOG brings a fun app into the playground for real physical play that’s monitored, coached, and even played interactively through remote social networks.

BOGOLOG consists

  • Universal smartphone holder
  • Rotating disk, connected to rope
  • Height adjustable pole, 1.2m
  • Soft Ball connected Nylon Cord
  • Portable Base


  • Score keeping
  • Motion, direction and location sensors
  • Vocal coaching
  • Connectivity with remote players
  • Communication to other devices
  • Easy download and installation
  • Encourages physical activity combined with phone-app fun
  • Improves performance through coaching
  • Enables interactive play, also with remote players
bogolog main screen

Bogolog app does not support smartphones without a gyroscope sensor

The BOGOLOG app (patents pending), downloaded to the smart phone, It keeps score and it keeps track of the player’s performance. A vocal coach tells the player if he or she is hitting too high, too low, or too slow. The BOGOLOG app turns this simple playground game into a game that’s interactive and competitive, while making it a useful training tool.