Bogolog Ball as Soft as Volleyball + Rope + Pump


When the kids play ball games, the ball fly powerfully and break windows, furniture etc.

This problem does not exist in the BOGOLOG game because the ball is connected to a BOGOLOG facility and does not fly anywhere.

BOGOLOG game is installed in schools and public parks, to list places where BOGOLOG game is installed click here

All you have to do is : purchase the BOGOLOG Ball on the site, reach a BOGOLOG position near you, connect the ball and smartphone, choose a game type in the app and start playing.

– A ball made of very high quality special texture

– Soft and safe ball for play

– TPU casing for excellent touching

– Prominent colors for better visibility of the ball

– Size 4

In addition, you can purchase a complete set of Bogolog Game, and we will send it to you your home.



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