Bogolog portable set - smart tetherball with smartphone app

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Kids today are enthralled with their smart phones, which does nothing for their physical health or their waistlines. So why not make physical exercise an integral part of playing with their phone app?!

BOGOLOG brings a fun app into the playground for real physical play that’s monitored, coached, and even played interactively through remote social networks.


BOGOLOG is a great game for kids that love to use their phone all the time! They can exercise and play with friends while using the App to get the different challenges.

Bogolog is perfect game for kids with ADHD and ambidextrous, it keeps them entertained for hours.

Bogolog designed for outdoor and indoor use, easy to move to desired location, it is easy to storage and setup.

Bogolog pole and base backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Ideal for ages 4 and up.


  • BOGOLOG consists of a universal smart phone holder that sits securely atop the pole
  • 2in (120 cm) Height 2in (5.08 cm) Diameter steel pole
  • 8in Softball with 39in (100 cm) Nylon cord.
  • 4 gallon (24 liter) Portable base 19.6in (48 cm) can be filled with water or sand
  • Bogolog App downloaded to your smart phone, based identification, motion, direction, and location sensors. It can be set for one or multiple players. It keeps score and it keeps track of the player’s performance. A vocal coach tells the player if he or she is hitting too high, too low, or too slow.

The BOGOLOG app turns this simple playground game into a game that is interactive and competitive, while making it a useful training tool.

Buy now the bogolog game and get lots of fun.




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